MD365 Comprehensive Aftercare in Shirley, NY

While everyday access to excellent healthcare providers is important, there is a need for coordination of treatment recommendations made by our healthcare providers. We are squarely focused on excellent customer experience that may not be the case with other providers. That is why we partner with specialists who have demonstrated excellent outcomes who are focused on good customer experience while keeping the costs low.

Our aftercare navigators will also help coordinate care recommended by our providers such obtaining authorization for CT scan, MRIs, Ultrasound, etc., providing referrals to specialists, etc.

We try hard to keep you healthy but understand that hospitalization may be necessary at times. Our aftercare navigators will coordinate care after by obtaining discharge summaries, discharge medication list and facilitate early clinical visit with your healthcare provider.

The essential functions of the Aftercare program:

  • Coordinating specialist care
  • Generating referrals
  • Relaying labs and imaging results
  • Obtaining preauthorizations for advanced imaging and medications
  • Coordinating care after hospital visits
  • Generating work notes
  • Completing forms

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