Internal Medicine Specialties

An internist may choose to focus on various specialties, unlike general practitioners who handle everyday ailments and illness. Additional areas of internal medicine include immunology and allergies, cardiovascular disease, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology, infectious disease, oncology, and pulmonary disease. Here at MD 365, we have an extensive team of internal medicine specialists.

The Difference Between Internal Medicine vs. Family Practice

A primary care physician is likely to fall into one of two categories: family medicine or internal medicine. A family physician provides primary care for a variety of ailments for older children, adults, and the elderly. An internal medicine specialist chooses to focus on the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases in the body. These ailments can vary in severity, from allergic reactions to different forms of cancer.

Whether you require internal medicine or a family physician, MD 365 offers the best of both worlds to meet your needs.

Internal Medicine Specialists

Here at MD 365, we choose to offer internal medicine services so the community has everything they need in one convenient location. We only hire the very best. Our internal medicine specialists match our commitment to outstanding health services, experience, and professionalism. We have years of experience from a medical team that is highly trained and committed to your health.

MD 365 is a leading provider of internal medicine in Shirley, NY. When you require diagnosis and treatment, trust in our internal medicine specialists. Stop in today or schedule an appointment!