A physical exam is designed to better understand how your body is doing. Based on your personal health history, family history and current ailments, our doctors may choose to focus on specific areas of the body during the physical examination.

On average, a physical exam includes vital sign checks, visual exams, updated health history information, lab tests and the actual physical exam.

Health Screenings

Routine health screenings are just as important as physicals. During your visit, our doctors will ensure you are healthy by:

  • Screening for medical issues
  • Assess your risk for future medical ailments
  • Encouraging a healthier lifestyle
  • Updating vaccinations

Even if you feel just fine, you should schedule regular health screenings with MD 365. We’ll get you in to see a doctor quickly!

Why MD 365

MD 365 is available seven days a week to provide expert physicals and health screenings with a focus on quality outcomes at a lower cost.

Furthermore, with the entire point of physicals and health screenings being to focus on your well-being and learn more about taking care of yourself, we also offer workshops that pair well with either.