Payment Options

When you visit MD 365 for acute or chronic health care solutions, you’ll be asked to pay for your appointment. We currently accept a variety of payment options to make matters easier for all those involved. After your appointment, you’ll visit the front desk to handle all payment information.

At this time, we accept many common forms of health insurance from throughout the region, including national providers. For more information on the health insurance providers we accept, please feel free to call or stop in to speak with our staff today.

We also offer alternative payment options, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, check, and cash. If you do not have insurance at this time, we may be able to provide health care services to suit your needs. You will need to pay or the full price of the appointment using one of the above-mentioned alternate payment options.

For more information on current payment options, please call our office or stop in today to speak with a knowledgeable expert in-person!