What Our Patients Are Saying About MD 365

Here at MD 365, we take immense pride in knowing our health care services make a difference in the lives of local community members. From the individual to the family down the block, MD 365 aims to provide exceptional health care solutions at a moment’s notice. However, we want to hear about your experience. We want to know if you were satisfied with the health care services you received in our office. Our entire team – doctors, nurse practitioners and support staff – rely on patients such as yourself to improve how we operate each day.

Using the most recent health care procedures and medications, we have the utmost confidence in how we operate and treat modern ailments. We have a team of the best doctors, nurse practitioners, and support professionals to help you feel better. Our team is proud of how we help the community, but we’re always searching for ways to improve our services.

We need your feedback to better improve how we operate. If there is something we could improve upon, such as bedside manner or the handling of paperwork, then let us know. We rely on your feedback, criticism, and praise to provide the best possible health care services to our patients.

In the area, there are countless health care clinics offering a selection of unique services to the community. Many of these offices choose to specialize in a single field. At MD 365, we aim to please as many people as possible. We have doctors and assistants encompassing a wider scope of medicine. From family care to urgent care, internal medicine to primary care solutions, our team is trained and equipped to help.

Schedule an appointment with MD 365 for top-rated health care services in Shirley and Ronkonkoma, NY, and the surrounding area. We also take walk-in patients who require prompt assistance.